Family Album – Martin D-41



From the moment I started playing seriously, I’ve wanted a Martin.   My heroes all played Martins.  Neil Young, CSN, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, Dan Fogelberg and so many more.  I read about them in guitar magazines.  I went to stores and played them.  D-18’s, D-28’s, D-35’s and D-41’s.  Oh, the 41’s…. I fell in love.

Many years passed.  I had my Sigma, and I loved it, how the mahogany-spruce combo could cut through just about any mix, but I still craved that deep bottom end and balanced treble of the D-41’s.  Midlife crisis hit; I gave in and started looking for a used 41.  It took about eighteen months of searching, but I finally found the D-41 of my dreams in a farm town in Southwest Missouri.  The rest is history.

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